Monday, January 23, 2012

Durkeys and Horseys!

Way back niece Natalie, (who is ten now),  was about three-years-old; and had not yet mastered the English language. .. showed us speech was mind over matter.  If we didn't mind - it didn't matter. At least to her, that is.

We (my sister and I) were driving the mile-long dirt road up to my mother's home when Natalie yelled out "Durkey's" !  Huh? I looked around .. (I was looking for a flock of Turkeys)!  Again, Nat pointed and yelled "DURKEYS" !!!!

I looked where she was pointing and only saw some horses, silently grazing with their heads through the fence.  So, I said to Natalie... "Durrrkeys?"  "NO"! she exclaimed... Durkeys.  Hmmm, I was a bit perplexed as I looked around for the turkeys.  Well, not seeing ANY, I said to her again.. "You see turkeys?, Where?"  "Noooo", she whined, DUR-KEY-S!" 

My sister had slowed the car (hindsight, she knew what Natalie was saying).  Ok, I, at this time, had NO idea... so Nat, squeezed my face to form my mouth with hers... DURRR KEYYY SSS!  (hmm, ok let's do this I thought) so I say DURRR KEYYY SSS!   I say again, Durkeys Nat says Durkeys... I look (puzzled to any adult) and say to her HORRR SEYY S (???)

"YES"!!! Natalie yells... Durkeys!
Ho Hum... Horseys! 

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