Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Gettin' Hot in Here....

Whew... So menopause has arrived.  I thought it was "normal" for women to have and/or anticipate "hot flashes"?  Then what is with the HEAT WAVE?  The endless rise in (internal) temperature that feels hotter than Hades?  At any given time (all the time) sweat beads form upon the brow, between the "twins" and you just know if you were to step outside in the winter, heat would surely be seen rising off the top of your head! 

Night time? OH MY... clothes begin to peel off like a piece of fruit, only it is not for the general good of a great outcome.  This is simply for the purpose of general well-being, especially for your bed partner... in short... it keeps you from wanting to chew him up and spit him out.  (Laying there sleeping, snoring, dreaming!) Ha, what gives!?  
The simple name given to this condition (MENopause) is enough to blame him! 

I have taken to looking like Olivia Newton-John during the Let's Get Physical era... I am now wearing a head band pushed up against my hair line trying to persuade ANY flight of cool air to offer me relief.  
On the bright side, I look as though I have been exercising away.  If only I could convince my behind that I am, and it could get on board and off my body! 

Alas, I know this will pass sooner or later.  I feel though, that I have been played a joke upon; as anyone with MS knows, high temperatures create issues, symptoms, even relapses.  However, everything is so mixed up I only can tell that I am HOT!  If I am fatigue I blame it on the price I pay for being a (wo)man, a mom, a wife, a fe(male)!! Yep man/male?  I can bring this entire thing all around full force to once again blaming the guys for this suffering... Hey it is one thing I can justify as I get naked, without benefit! 

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  1. Love it and of so true. Mike said I must be getting sick because I am always hot lately and normally i'm freezing.