Friday, January 13, 2012

Thank Goodness for Football

Yes, thank goodness for football, moreover, the Green Bay Packers! 

Here is something I can do which requires no thought of MS, no thought of doctor appointments, medication or the like.  This is MY something! 

See originally I am from Chicago, so you know what this does to my family... "I am a trader?"  Says who?  Most of my co-hort Chicagoans!  "How could you?  A "cheesehead"? Really?"  Each and every time I respond with a LOUD and PROUD ... Y E S, and you should think of going green yourselves!  (They would NEVER).

Football season is drawing to a close... sigh

Yet I KNOW... Duh Bears ... never had a chance - poke to my family/friends.  Yet, Green Bay all the way!  Football offers me a chance of off the cuff laughter, good ole fun, and a chance to "rub it in" just a little. So here I tip my hat to the Pack, and thank them for allowing me a brief moment to forget MS... and to remember Bears Suck... lol

But, alas, I did not "just become a GB fan", I was there for all the years of good ole number 4, Farve.... and am still here for Aaron!  Thus the siggy
Rodgers Rocks!

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