Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hunger Games

(This post will reference a book, you may not be able to follow, if you have yet to read it.  However, to those that have I applaud you in being able to keep up with my nonsensical writing lol, for all others...stay tuned as I will have other stuff to ramble on about ... ) 

Happy Saturday Everyone:

So, I have been reading the trio books of The Hunger Games, and it got me thinking... just how incomplete societies are in regards to LIFE.  Although, I understand the pretext of the story-line of the book, I find myself wondering how relative such a plot is to US, our time, Now.

Would we (as a society) become so down ridden after a war as to then send our own children in to fight against, and kill one another?  For the entertainment of "it", but for the bigger picture... government control?  Would we? 

MS is kind of like The Hunger Games... in that it wants to be in such control, it has to "remind me" it is always fighting for the upper hand.  My immune system = the children.  They are blasted into battle against the enemy, however, because they are the children they become confused, disoriented, unsure... they begin to fight against themselves! MS... loves this!  Grasping at any control it can have... this battle is exactly the course it tries to take.  But, you see, there is this uprising taking place the entire time... All the "districts" in MY body have planned to take back what is rightfully MINE... I have found my "mockingjay"! 

I say to it now... Let the games begin!

P.S.  So what have you done for yourself today?

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  1. Still looking for my Mocking Jay but I think its within reach.