Sunday, January 15, 2012

I have cracked up!

   Last summer I arrived home after a long car trip to visit my family in Chicago.  I had a pretty intense MS flare while we were there, and was looking forward to the peace and rest of home.
   However, my daughter decided she and the kids missed me and needed to visit RIGHT AWAY... ugh, I was tired, exhausted, and just wanted to sit in the recliner and melt away.
   Alas, they arrived!  Yes, I was tickled to see their lil faces.  Yes, I was ecstatic to give them their lil gifts (they of course, were more excited at this) and watch their faces light up as they opened them.  And YES, I love and missed them dearly.
   Well, my daughter could see I really was not ready for all this company and was getting ready to gather up "her crew" to head back home.  In the midst of all this, my grandson (3 years old), climbed onto my lap, hugged my neck, pushed all the hair back from my face and stared at me.  He just STARED into my eyes... hmmm, I wondered.  He is immensely intelligent and is a thinker... so I let him "think" as kids at this age AMAZE me.  That was until he said "NaNa, your eyes are crackin' up". At first, I was questioning what the heck he was saying.  Then he SERIOUSLY said it again. "NaNA... your eyes... they are crackin' up, for real"!!!   .... Ding Ding Ding a light went off, he must have seen that my eyes were blood shot! Ohhh laughter soared in that moment of time... SOARED as I giggled and hugged him.   However, he was so intense, so serious, and I noticed ... scared.
   "Ahh honey" I said to him... "NaNa is ok and I have something for you to do for me that will make my eyes go back together"  as I handed him my eye drops.  I explained to him "now only lil boys with magic in their hearts can use these, do you think you can". OH was he excited now... he was going to "fix" his NaNa.
   After he put the drops in my eyes, and the "cracks" were going away he exclaimed "Papaw, look, hurry, NaNa's eyes aren't crackin' up anymore... cause I fixed 'em". And he did!

   There is not a moment now that goes by when I see anyone with blood shot eyes that I do not exclaim "Hey, your eyes are crackin' up" and I know a lil boy with magic in his heart that can fix 'em!

P.S. So what have you done for YOU today?


  1. Congrats, Deb!! I LOVE your blog!!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your grandson-children are amazing aren't they. They notice things we would never suspect would catch their attention. Humor is such a powerful medicine for those of us with MS...will stop by again my friend...

  3. I just replied and did not see it "go" LOL

    @Scotty... ty sis love ya

    @Living... so nice of you to stop by, can't wait to get to know you better!