Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally Friday

So after a heck of a week, I made it to Friday! 
I did find out yesterday, my neurologist suspects systemic Lupis and a thyroid condition that goes hand and hand with Auto-immune diseases.  Hmmm, what about the MS?  Is it incorrect? Can one have both?  I have no idea, as I left this message with the Nurse!

My boss "held my check"... which means we are going to talk today as I was off yesterday for a Pulmonary Function Test that got rescheduled.  So, I am thinking (if I am not fired) I am going to request part-time until I can get all these appointments out of the way, and MAYBE get some energy! 

Yes, I know it is Friday, and we all need a funny, maybe I can come up with one later. 

Remember... do something nice for YOU today!

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