Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally Friday ??

Well usually I would be jumpin' up and down.... ready for the day to close and the weekend to appear.  However, this is the weekend ALL the grands are staying........pst Lord help me! 

I am not ready for the adventure... think I have to work overtime.  (lol) Nah, I love  the lil darlings, it is just I am so fatigued I know this housecleaning ritual is going out the window. 

On another note, my son is coming home for a weekend visit from college...  YAY - - well that is until he sees his house is again "Debbie's Day Care" (yeah, he is not real into children) ...

Yet, once my hip/legs and back ease up this morning, I will drudge on to work.... (I could really use the entire day off)... I will then begin the adventurism in the land of Gr'babies....

Anyone got a stiff drink? 

Do something for YOU today!

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