Thursday, February 16, 2012

It Is Not Always Sunny In ...

An AutomImmune Body!  And that is certain.  overload!

Went for an exam by a new "guy"... he certainly understood AI's and how they cross-counter etc .... Said the Rheumotologist will usually give it all one big heap of a name when I get to him (of course, he told me what it was) I simply cannot remember it. 

Doc asked what I thought was one of my most bothersome problems... I said "my short term memory loss, no wait the fatigue" - I was already very fatigued!  We went through the visit, when he said "Why did you not mention the hypercycteinemia"  (that is a genetic disorder I have)... well... "because I forgot about it, I thought I listed enough already"!  (Thus enforcing the reality of STM loss).

As the exam goes on and because my legs have caused me many issues. he examines them and feels there is some kind of deterioration of my hip!  I never thought of this being the reason (neither did any of my other docs) I guess a fresh set of eyes was a good thing!! BUT... now what? Ohhh an MRI of your hips is a must!  No, I am now thinking coordination of care is a must... all these people with letters after their names should be communicating!  Why am I the go-between?  Why... because I have to be; I have to continue to advocate for myself!

Do something for YOU today, please!

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