Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's ...

My 16 yr old son, Joshua gave my husband and I the card he bought us for Valentine's Day.  He wrote in that card; he wrote from his heart; HE touched mine!

Josh has a temper, a mouth, an argumentative persona... he also has a heart filled with love, a warmth, and an outstanding abundance of adoration for his family!

He is our youngest child... I feel as if he has been cheated.  Josh got stuck with the "older" parents, the parents who cannot keep up with him and many things HE loves to do... I hate not being the strong mom like I was in my "younger days"; or the mom who definitely would have given him a run for his money.   I know his dad feels the same. 

But, Josh does not yet understand... it is because of HIM I remain the mom I am!  He sets my heart ablaze with his imagination, his adoration, his ability to SEE things beyond what they are... Josh is true to himself and I treasure that in him.  He is my Valentine every day of the year.  I want him to know just THAT!  That without Josh, his mom would NOT be the same person she is today.

I love all my children... Heather, Danny, and Josh.  To them I dedicate this special I LOVE YOU! 

For my husband... ahem... I have other ideas!

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