Monday, February 13, 2012

I've Been Workin' on...

... no, not the railroad (because my body could not do that!) lol; however, I have been working on trying to work, when body parts SCREAM as they are trying to win the battle!  That is not happening, not now, not ever! 
Yes, I am slowing down, as the pain HURTS, but stopping is not an option!  I will get there... as soon as my legs cooperate.  Seems like we have a civil war going on right here in my own body.  The North (the upper part of course) and The South (umm the lower part, of course) have decided they no longer want to "play nice" with each other, so whilst my brain is energetic (for the moment) and wants to "get things done"; my legs have "taken up position" dug their heels in, and are fighting back!  Now, remember that at times The North and The South change outlooks, but for now... The South is waiving that Rebel Flag... and I yi yi the war is ON! 
Time is on my side though (as a whole)... at some point they will reconcile, and I will be "perfect".  I will use that moment to get in all the best days possible... until...

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