Friday, February 10, 2012

That's what "HE" said...

NOTHING... and "HE" would be my PCP!  I have been awaiting "HIM" to do something/anything... BUT, I must be a case "HE" cannot deal with, one "HE" would actually have to work with and "HE" is incapable.  

I imagine the simple things coming easy...  The runny nose, scratchy throat, cough, etc., as these are not much of a challenge to "HIS" education and/or intelligence!  Heck, all that med-school money; we would not want "HIM" wasting it all! 

Yet, something in "HIM" falters when it comes to me... hmmm
Oh, yes I remember now!! It is the simple fact that I DO advocate for my own health care and well-being; that because he could not seem to refer me out, I found my own specialist and "HE" still could NOT recall that 2 years later.  

So... now threatened what does "HE" do?  The only thing he can... withhold medication, and have the Nurse(s) do "HIS" dirty work by making the phone calls to me.  "HE" will not even man-up and answer an e-mail.

Yet, I will be "that patient" that now challenges his every professional move, choice, and decision. With my husband by my side "HE" may have met more than he ever anticipated.  How dare any person take money for services NOT rendered, just because they have letters after their name?  My husband and I, too, share letters after our name... T K O

Thanks for letting me rant!

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