Friday, February 10, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?

What in the world have I done?  This all IS surreal!  Nothing, anymore, is making sense...  My Neurologist called late last night (9p.m.) (although I was awaiting a call to get the results of the MASSIVE blood work) I did not think it would be a late call.  
I also had to have a pulmonary function test (which I did yesterday); thank goodness this only showed shallow breathing (well I am asthmatic), but it was the "other news" that bothered me so. 
He informed me that I have positive anti-bodies for RA (rheumatoid arthritis) AND Lupus!!! Wait, not finished.... also, my sugar is so low (he was VERY concerned about this) that I need to be eating every two hours!! (I seriously asked him, "Have you paid attention to my size"?) He said yes, and this was also troubling to him (as it is an abnormal amount of weight gain, and the thyroid was okay) now he is going to look at the pituitary.

Okay.... now really, how is it that after 40, things could possibly be this out-of-sorts?  I should be at the prime of my life; living large (ok ok I got that part), having a wonderful amount of "me-time", but somehow my auto-immune system is playing Russian Roulette with me and I made no ante!!!
I asked the Neuro... "what about the lesions, ELEVEN of them, on my brain... can one have all this and MS too?"  He said we need the more in depth conversation when I was in the office (the end of the month)!
Sad thing here; the amount of "wait time" no longer affects me... this has all become run-of-the-mill!!  
My concerns (my deep/real concerns) are on a watch around someone else's wrist! 100_1743.JPG Yes, that sucks.  I will not list all of which I am concerned with right now, as a novel is not a blog.  

I just want all of this to know I am a fighter... a huge fighter... and I hit back. 

Please, do something for YOU... TODAY!

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  1. I am so sorry that you are going through this :( Stay strong (I know you are) and keep us posted. x