Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to US!

That is right... today I am celebrating a third birthday with a group of women who are AMAZING!! 

Back in December of 2007 I joined a "socialization" website called CafeMom.... I had NO idea that today, I would have the sisters I have!  

While here, I joined some groups (not for me at all) some were too young, some were to vulgar, and the groups that were for the "over 40 crowd" were too large or too dramatic (yes, at 40)!  So my on-line BFF..Shirley and I decided we had had enough and started our own private over 40 group... we invited those women who warmed and touched our heart.... WOW were we right to do this!!

Together (about) 16 of us have mulled through the times... we have walked together in happiness, sadness, sickness, gr'babies, birthdays, anniversaries, death, HUSBAND/KID drama and just plain LIFE.  But we NEVER have again, walked alone!

My heart is filled daily with the knowledge that I am so blessed to have these women in my life.  Yes, some of us have met up in person (the thing you always tell you kids not to do; we did) and it was MORE than worth it! 

So here is my appreciation and love BACK to all the girls of The Daily Dilemma! 

The Daily Dilemma, today is your birthday. Congratulations on a great year!

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