Friday, January 20, 2012

So How is the Air DOWN There?

Thick I tell ya... thick. 
Ya have to start to wonder... it must be the air, as there is nothing within a foot to cause me to trip, stumble and/or fall.  But, it happens!  WTHeck!  
Knowing that I do not drink, do illicit drugs, or am I naturally clumsy, it has to be "thick air"!  
Just the other day, at work, standing (YES STANDING) by the file cabinet, coming around my desk, I took a 1/2 (yes 1/2) a step, hit that thick air and wobbled to the right; wobbled to the left; thought I was going d o w n... Aha, with a shoulder to the wall and a hand to the cabinet... SAVED! Whew! First thing I do is to be sure NO ONE seen me (safe), next make sure NO ONE seemed to have heard me (safe), then I checked the air... yep... by conclusive evidence... it was thick right there .
"They say MS causes "falls", trips, stumbles and wobbles... I laugh because I have found the REAL reason... yep... thick air!  Now, if I could only invent a detector, hmmmmmm. 

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