Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is it OK to WANT to be a...

stay at home mom, AFTER all the kids are "almost" grown?  I mean really, why would this NOT be the best, appropriate time to be a SAHM?  I get initials after my name, Deb Gambill, SAHM. 
 I get banker hours (9-5) if I really want them or I can have 3-4 day weekends!  I can "research" (things) of all nature... become more knowledgeable; pass that darn Jeopardy test!  I can learn to cook, sew, do windows - I said "learn" not do (I still have a husband) :)
I can home-school my almost high-school senior (I mean with all the research and knowledge I would be gaining) he always wanted to try home-schooling. ;)
This "new" job of mine could be kindof adventurous... I mean look at the things to do... the History channel, The DISCOVERY channel, Animal Planet... endless opportunities!  
Money? the question of money? Hmmm... well, still have a hubs and KIDS... time for the ole pay back! 
Some of you may question if the title "Stay at Home Mom" should still apply now that the kids are almost grown"?  I say ABSOLUTELY... I do still have a husband to raise! 

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