Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today is Appointment Day

Today is my appointment day with the Neuro and it is about time!
I have not seen her in (wow) six months, and have plenty we need to discuss!
Like how my body has become an electrical force field,
How my legs hurt so bad I now sleep separate from my hubby (NOT good),
How my PCP doc has decided he really didn't like anyone who advocated for their own healthcare and how, to me, he is not really a doctor then. 
The list is endless, the ailments are as well, YET through it all I have managed two surgeries in three weeks, two months off work, and then going back full swing... 
TODAY... I am fatigued, TODAY... I am resting until time to go... TODAY will be different as TODAY I again will advocate for ME.


  1. Good going, that PCP has definite issues,it is amazing. Who if not us will advocate for ourself??
    Enjoyedvreadingbyour blog...

    1. Yolanda thank you so much! It is wonderful being able to write and having others support me! :)