Saturday, January 28, 2012

Over Da Bridge - Under Da Bridge

Well, my doctor's appointment came and went, without really any details to share.  He made sure to "vampire me" and take ten tubes of blood, also said there was something about my lungs he didn't like when taking deep deep breaths, so I am scheduled for a pulmonary function test.
All this over/under... reminded me of a story of my gr'daughter Tay (yep that is her adorable lil face).  Well, we took the twins on vacation  to Chicago, with us when they were about 4.  Tay has always been a force to be reckoned with, a strong-willed child, and one not easily pacified with adult intervention.  She was having a bit of a "not-so-good" day, when we decided to take the trip to see my Aunt who lived right across the Mississippi into Iowa.  As we approached the Mississippi Bridge (which was tall and long) I remarked to the girls "Look, we get to go over the bridge and you can say you were at the Mississippi River"... Tay immediately put one hand over one eye (this was our sign that something was about to happen)... she did this when she was "holding back the devil"... 
"I don't WANNA go over da bridge"!  
"Sweetie, we have to go OVER the bridge, that is how we get across into Iowa"
"I said I don't WANNA go over DAAA bridge" (she is now kicking and whining)... I at this point have no idea what in the world has gotten to Ms. Tay!
"Look, Tay, this is how we go and you get to see alllll that big water and everything"... she now is extremely irritated (to no avail am I, my husband, or anyone going to rationalize with her) so I say... 
"Ok this is nonsense you need to stop and look while we go over the bridge"
In a loud, yet no nonsense tone Tay yells "my daddy says go UNDER da bridge"!!! 
We are all stunned and dumbfounded, (her dad is in NC)... he hasn't "said" anything!  We could not help it, that did it, and I began to giggle... YES, this angered her... so I said "Your daddy is not here to say anything"... "err ugh hmpf, so what, he would have said go UNDER da bridge" (conversation over)! LMBO
We all still approach bridges (all bridges in life) saying.... "But, my daddy said go UNDER da bridge" thanks to lil miss Tay!

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