Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Man (my Man) and HIS Dog!

     Good Sunday all my family and friends.. may you receive blessings from Heaven! 
     I have to say that between my mattress and MS I have a horrible time sleeping as the pain (especially in my legs) becomes TOO much.  Well, as a result I have taken to sleeping in a therapeutic bed (in a different room from my husband).  Yes, this is stressful at times in and of itself, as I cherish his body next to mine, and laying in his arms.  However, it appears that our dog, Buster has found this to be a HUGE opportunity.  (Our two Boxers, are our babies.)
     The other morning, as I tumbled from "my" bed and made my way out of the bedroom, I looked down the hall into "our" bedroom, and was puzzled as it looked like the entire bed was FULL.  As I walked toward the bed, it appeared... Buster was "spooning" my hubs! LMBO... For real, his head was on the pillow and he was pushed up right against his back. 
     HMPF... I thought, WOW this dog really thinks he won, he has it made... his "master" and best friend really do now belong to him... no more sharing.  Before I thought to get the camera, Buster notices I was awake, meaning.. time for breakfast.  Although, I did not get "the" picture this one shows you the love between a man and his dog:
(now this was taken years ago!) somethings never change!
Last night, AHA... I won!  I tried my hardest to sleep in bed with MY husband... and if looks could kill:

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  1. Cute story. Dogs know what they like, don't they? LOL And, they never fail to take any opportunity to grab it, either. LOL