Monday, January 30, 2012

They should all be made....

... like my daddy!
I swear they should.  My dad, always made sure he was the best family man.  He would start the cars in the morning, to warm them up before we got in them, he would make stops at the bakery and get us each our faves, took us trick-or-treating TWICE in the same night (although, it is possible it was more for him than us) and he worked, he worked so hard!!  
Yes, I have said before that he may have shown that he was a great husband sometimes better than a dad, but the older I get I know that is not true.  Yes, he made sure his wife was more than taken care of (financially, physically, and emotionally) but he was also the parent at every school function, the one that taught us sports, the one that woke us in the morning.
I know of many other fathers that just thought work was enough, and then some that thought staying home was enough.... neither are true.  MY daddy, is an extra hard worker ... to be sure his family wanted for nothing.
I could go on and and about my daddy.  He is the epitome of a great man, father, and husband!  Still when I am having a "not so good day" I wish I was that lil girl again. (I am having a "not so good day"; think I will call him.)


  1. Thing is you are that lil girl in his eyes. He still showers you with affection. Every dad makes mistakes and so did mine. I hated who my dad was but loved the man who he grew to be. Your dad is my dad! Call it weird but he cared for me too in his own way. He is one man I will fight for no matter who is right or wrong...someones gettin their ass whipped ; )