Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It CAN Always Be Worse

When I get down it feels horrible as I can only imagine what my husband and kids think.  Because, to them, I am invisible; I cannot stay down long (which is fine with me as it gives me the OMPH I need.)

However, today I am going to blog a request from all my family and friends.  I have a terrific friend/sister whose lil boy is suffering from brain cancer.  The time is shortening for "Chase", he is only nine!  

There is a wonderful group of ladies that share this connection with me from our group called The Daily Dilemma. . . we are now reaching across all line of communications to have the biggest prayer chain ever, for Chase.  

If ever a miracle was needed, it is needed now.  Although, as a mom, I could never tell this family I know how they feel, I can as a mom know what it feels just to have the fear of what they are going through.  So, please, with us all, pray for this little boy and his family.... 

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